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Advantages And Disadvantages of Google Docs

by WatanLema 11 months ago in Reviews
Advantages And Disadvantages of Google Docs

Advantages And Disadvantages of Google Docs – Currently there are many word processing applications or software. Apart from Microsoft Word, you can use how to create Google Docs to work on important documents such as coursework, reports, and so on.

Google Docs itself is a word-processing application created and developed by Google. Interestingly, you don’t need to install the application on a computer or laptop, because there are ways to create Google Docs through browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and so on.

Meanwhile, on smartphones, you can download the Documents application on the Play Store or Apple App Store, so you can easily access and create Google Docs. To help you learn how to create Google Docs, here’s an overview.


What Is Google Docs?

Google Docs is a word-processing application that is shared for free by Google. With this app, you can create documents anywhere and share them whenever you want.

The presence of Google Docs will make your work easier because this application can automatically save the documents you create. Besides being able to be used online or offline, the Google Docs application has a simple appearance.

There are also various kinds of features that you can use easily. For example, Google Docs has a feature to correct spelling which is quite accurate. This feature allows you to avoid typos and the use of inappropriate vocabulary.

Not only that, how to make Google Docs is very easy like you use Microsoft Word. In a way, Google Docs is a simplified version of the application. Google Docs has almost all the tools you need to create documents quickly and quickly. As a result, if you need a word processing application that is easy to use, then Google Docs is the choice.

Google Docs Benefits and Features

The benefits and features of Google Docs are similar to Microsoft Word. The difference is, users can open access from old files and just share the link with other people. Other people can edit the file.

There are also Sheets, Slides, and Drawings to Form features. So, if you want to make PowerPoint, you can also do it with the Google Slides feature.

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You can access it anytime and anywhere to make work easier. The files can also be downloaded directly in various formats such as .docx, .pdf, .txt, .rtf, .odt, .html, and zipper.

To use Google Docs, you can download the application from the Google Play Store and App Store. In addition, you can use a laptop to access Google Docs.

How to Use Google Docs

If you already have a Google account, then there’s no need to worry. You just log into your Gmail account and you can create pages right away.

Not only from the cellphone application, but you can also go directly to docs.google.com or via the top right corner of the Google search page. Click Docs with the blue logo.

If you want to work together with other people, just press the share button in the top right corner. You can set whether you want to invite via email or immediately open access by just sharing the link. After that, just click finish and Google Docs can be used.

Advantages And Disadvantages of Google Docs

Advantages And Disadvantages of Google Docs

Advantages And Disadvantages of Google Docs

Advantages of Google Docs

1. Real-Time Collaboration Editing Documents

If you are in a workgroup that requires editing something in one work report, Google Docs will be very helpful. By opening the document and editing it, the file that your colleagues see is the latest edited file. No need to re-update or even refresh the page.

2. Can be used on more than one device

In addition to being accessible through the website docs.google.com, you can also access documents through a smartphone application. This application can be downloaded via PlayStore or App Store.

3. No More Applications are Needed

Unlike Microsoft documents which require downloading an application to open documents, in one Google Docs link you can immediately open various types of files without the hassle of downloading many more applications. Little storage efficiency is not it?

4. Directly Saved In Drive

One of the other Google services is Google Drive. A service that allows us to store various types of files in one Google account. Don’t worry if you forget to save the file after editing the document. Why is that? Because the files will be directly stored on Google Drive, so the files will not be lost.

5. Comments and Notes

In a team collaboration, you can provide comments or notes in the document. This is very useful, for example, when you need a revision without the need to directly change the wrong document.

6. Revision History

When you have edited a document without going through the comments or notes feature, you can still open the editing history. In addition, you will also know who edited and when the document was edited.

7. File Type Changer

When you need to change a file type, many of you may open a certain application or site. But in Google Docs you can immediately change the type of document you edit according to your wishes.

8. Spell Checker

Frequent typos and words in documents not according to PUEBI rules? Google Docs can help you! There is a spell checker feature in it that can display spellings that are deemed wrong and display suggestions for improvement.

9. Free

Whether opened via a web browser or smartphone app, the Google Docs service is available free of charge. You can enjoy all forms of services from various types of applications and all the features in them up to a large enough capacity, which is 15 GB. Only when you want to add service capacity, do you have to pay a fee.

Disadvantages of Google Docs

1. Features Still Limited

Although very good in all its functions and advantages, Google Docs features are still very standard and limited. Unlike Microsoft Word, which has many editing features to plug-ins that can speed up document creation.

2. No Desktop Version Only Chrome OS

Unfortunately, Google Docs is not yet available for desktop versions for Windows and Mac, only available for Chrome OS. So for offline use, the choice is still better than Microsoft Word.

3. Limited Storage

All existing document files will be stored in the cloud from Google Drive. However, the cloud storage provided by Google is limited to all Google accounts, only 15 GB.

4. Printing Documents

Printing from Google Docs is not as straightforward as in Microsoft Office. You must first download the document in various formats (Word, PDF, etc.) and then print it from your computer or laptop.

5. Can only be accessed with an internet connection

Google docs is a free web-based application. You need a direct connection to the Internet to view, edit, save or print files that are in Google Docs. Download the file in WORD format first if you want to work offline without an internet connection with Microsoft Word. Then upload when you have an Internet connection.


From all the explanations above, it can be concluded that Google Docs is a cloud-based word-processing service owned by Google. Where can be used for free? Google Docs provides the same .docx document creation and editing services as Microsoft Word and similar.

In short, Google Docs is a very useful collaborative tool. Allows multiple users to access, edit, and view a single document available from virtually any Internet-connected device. It has many of the standard features for web-based products but does not replace the functionality of MS Office applications. It’s free, easy to use, easy to share, and easy to use as a classroom learning tool.