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Best Email Clients For Mac of 2023

by WatanLema 10 months ago in Mac
Best Email Clients For Mac of 2022

Best Email Clients For Mac – Email client software is one important application. Especially for those of you who often work with email, you need the best email client application to support your work.

There are tons of email client applications available for Mac. All of these OS X or macOS applications are free but don’t forget there are also paid ones that offer far more exclusive features.


What Is Email Client?

The email client is a desktop-based application whose function is used to send and receive business emails. By using an email client, you can easily manage incoming emails.

Email clients are generally used for companies or business purposes. However, if you have more than one active email, of course, you need to use an email client application. You no longer have to open the emails one by one in the browser.

Types of Email Clients

The email client is an application created to facilitate email management. To use it, you need to have an email client. Well, this email client itself is software that is used to manage various incoming emails. For the types, here are the reviews.

1. Pop Mall-Based Email

Pop mall-based e-mail uses the POP (simple mail transfer protocol) feature.

When using this type of email, users need to use email client software.

Its function is to send emails from SMPTP/POP servers and manage their emails.

2. Web-Based Email

Web-based email is a type of email that can be accessed free of charge. Examples of the best free email clients are Gmail and Yahoo Mail.

Using web-based email is very advantageous. This is because you can check your email from anywhere using any type of browser.

3. Email Forwarding

This type of e-mail allows you to server services received to other e-mail addresses. Using this type of email will be very helpful if you want to share emails with more than one recipient. Email forwarding is also very suitable for businesses or companies considering this function.

What benefits of Email Clients?

The best email client has lots of advantages and disadvantages. What are the benefits that will be obtained when using an email client?

Let’s see the full review below.

  • Email clients can help save internet quota.
  • Email-only needs to be connected to the internet when sending and receiving emails.
  • You can read and write emails when the data is offline.
  • All emails have an Auto Preview feature, making it easier for you to read emails.
  • Email messages automatically move from the mail server to the personal computer. So you don’t need to think about extravagant quotas because of it.

Best Email Clients For Mac of 2022

The following are some of the best email client applications that you can consider using to support your daily work.

1. Mail

Best Email Clients For Mac of 2022

As all computers are expensive, it’s surprising that a Mac or MacBook isn’t equipped with an email client application, and luckily Apple provides a built-in email application for all Macs and MacBooks, both those using older OS X or those already using the latest macOS.

For an email application, the default Mac Mail application is indeed more than enough. You can send email messages, and receive emails, to several other features such as digital signatures.

But this application has a slight drawback in terms of performance. Yes, apart from sometimes being late to enter even though you have enabled push mail, this application is also sometimes difficult to close.

So when this application is open and you want to shut down the Mac, sometimes you have to wait a while because the Mail application has not been closed, or you can force it to close from Activity Monitor.

2. Microsoft Outlook

Best Email Clients For Mac of 2022

In a way, this Microsoft Outlook application is the best email client I’ve ever used. How not, the features in Microsoft Outlook are very complete.

You can see for yourself in the picture above, the row of menus in the form of a Ribbon which is very typical of other Microsoft Offices, there are very many of them and I haven’t had the chance to explore all of their features myself.

That’s just the email feature section, in this application, there are several other sections, such as calendar, contacts, and many more. But sometimes because there are too many features, I don’t even focus on the essence of this application, namely as an email client.

 3. Mozilla Thunderbird

Best Email Clients For Mac of 2022

This free email client application is also reliable. This application also has a good reputation on various platforms. But the big name of this application comes from the Linux community, especially Ubuntu because it is available pre-installed.

For those of you who are just using a Mac, compared to previous Linux desktop users, this application might be more suitable because it has features and appearance that can be said to have no significant difference.

4. Sparks

Best Email Clients For Mac of 2022

This Spark application is also one of the free applications for email clients. This application is very simple, simple, light, and most importantly (according to Apple Fanboy) is exclusive to the iOS and Mac OS X or macOS platforms only.

For me, Spark loses when compared to most email client applications. However, Spark focuses on the function of the application, which is pure as an email client.

I recently left Microsoft Outlook and switched to Spark. The features are very different. However, over time it is more enjoyable to use Spark than Microsoft Outlook, which, although it has a myriad of features, is confusing.

5. Unibox

Best Email Clients For Mac of 2022

This email client application is somewhat unique because it can change the appearance of traditional emails such as chat. Unibox takes another approach to how an email app should work.

With a simple appearance and similar to chat, it allows you to focus more on certain discussions. Compare with conventional email services they sometimes look boring and that’s all.

6. Newtons

Best Email Clients For Mac of 2022

This application is also quite popular as a reliable email application. Not only for Apple devices such as iOS and macOS but is also available for the Windows platform.

You can download this application for free, but you can get full service with a yearly subscription. Even though the subscription price is arguably not too high, subscribing only for an email application seems too expensive.


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