• Sep 30, 2023

SmadAV 2023 Free Download For Windows

by WatanLema 8 months ago in Windows
SmadAV 2023 Free Download For Windows

SmadAV 2023 Free Download For Windows

SmadAV 2023 Free Download For Windows – SmadAV is an antivirus made in Indonesia that is effective in protecting your computer from virus attacks both locally and internationally. In general, international viruses can be easily overcome by well-known antiviruses that we often hear about.

However, this is not the case with local viruses which are often more annoying than international viruses, which are created by nosy people.

SmadAV as one of the best antiviruses has four main functions and features, including additional computer protection, USB Flashdisk protection, fast and light routine, and there is a cleaner feature to clean viruses that have already infected our computers.

Besides that, there are several more features that complement this SmadAV. Let’s talk about it in more detail in the following points.


Features of SmadAV

Currently, the latest version of SmadAV has reached the 2018 version which was released according to the year. As described above, one of the features carried by this latest version of SmadAV is the flexibility of SmadAV as an antivirus which provides additional protection for your computer.

This makes it possible for users to install several antiviruses simultaneously with SmadAV, where SmadAV can work together with other antiviruses to get optimal results when scanning viruses.

The latest version of SmadAV has its own way of analyzing a virus candidate through the process of detecting behavior (behavior), heuristics, and system whitelisting to find viruses in our computer systems. By combining it with several other antiviruses, our computer’s defense against virus attacks will become stronger.

The next feature is the ability of the latest version of SmadAV to analyze viruses that may be spread via a USB stick. Several years ago, USB flash drives were a favorite medium for virus makers to spread their viruses.

At that time, USB flash drives were popular in the community, especially among students. The very high movement and exchange of information among students via USB flash drives make the spread of viruses through this medium very fertile.

This is because as soon as the USB stick is plugged into the socket, it immediately automatically executes the autoboot command. This is what the virus uses to inject itself into the victim’s computer system. However, with the protection of the latest version of SmadAV, users no longer need to worry if they want to exchange data via a USB flash drive.

The astonishing feature of this latest version of SmadAV is its very small size and small computational requirements to run it. The size of SmadAV is only +- 5 MB and to run it, users only need approximately 1% of CPU activity.

SmadAV 2023 Free Download For Windows

Apart from these features, the latest version of SmadAV is also equipped with a cleaner function and tools for cleaning viruses. Through the cleaner, users can even clean registry files that have been infected by viruses. All the features contained in SmadAV can be enjoyed free of charge.

Or maybe if you want to experience additional features such as the One Virus By-User feature, Process Manager, System Editor, Win-Force, and Smad-Lock, you can try paid SmadAV at a very affordable price compared to other antiviruses. You can get the latest SmadAV Antivirus download link below.

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